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Contact Details Susan Price 07704116455. New members always welcome.

Group Title: Nature Group
Group Description We meet once a month and go out into the Countryside to see what we can find.There is no need to have any prior knowledge, we all learn together. There are a few keen bird watchers and some novices, Butterflies, Damselflies,and plants are all of interest.The programme is varied and suggestions always welcome. The only things you need are enthusiasm and stout footwear. We often walk over uneven ground and occasionally have to climb a style.
Group Leader: Susan Price
Cost: Free
Venue: Various Countryside locations.
Frequency: The third Thursday of the month
Duration: Varies depending on selected location.
Start Date: All year round
End Date: All year round
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Dispite the rain we got a fin afternoon at Murlough inner bay.

Saw ruffs and snipe! First really good view I had had for ages of either.


Lovely trip to Peatlands park, unfortunately photography left to me , just one picture and out of focus.  The park was much better, good weather able to see dragonflies and bog plants.. pitcher plant and sundews, with bog asphodel seed heads, we only missed out on butterworts.

As you can see, just a little out of focus

June glorious weather and a walk round Killard. Well worth the journey round the shore, we say orchids, seals a white throat and butterflies.  You think that is enough?  Some of us had a paddle


May we went to Oxford Island, very lucky with the weather , birds singing, willow warblers  chaffinches and blackbirds in full voice.  Lovely views of great crested grebes in full breeding plumage and much more

Here are some pictures



April, off to look at bluebells in Hollymount.  We had to cancel the dawn chorus in February very wet and no birds daft enough to sing.Lovely sunny day in April to make up for the rain.  The bluebells just starting to come out, butterflies flying, some blackcaps sing, what more could you want.


 Thursday 19 January meeting in Delamont car park at 10:30. 

Here we are 

We had lovely views of  red breasted mergansers and a good walk

Warmer weather


Castle Espie 17.08.2022