Our Activities


There are a number of interest groups which meet weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just occasionally.  Group Leaders,  all of whom are volunteer members, look after the practicalities of running a group, ie. membership, premises, programs, etc.  All activities are self-funded, so there may be a small charge to cover expenses.

If there is not an activity or interest group which reflects your own particular interest, you would be very welcome to put forward the idea at one of our monthly meetings and we can find out if there are other members who have the same interest and would like to start a group.

Below are the details of all the groups.  Click on a group name for full information. Details for some non-u3a Groups are posted on the Noticeboard section. (return to home page and click on Noticeboard).

We also produce a monthly calendar (click to view) with gives up to date information on activities arranged for a particular month.

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Art (History of) Group

Books 3 Group

Garden Group

Play Reading Group

Irish History and Culture Group

Scrabble Group

Art Group (Love Art)


Books 4 Group

Craft Group

Film Group

Photography Group

Table Tennis 2 Group Drumaness

Book 1 Group

Books Zoom

Culinary Group

Go Local Group

Strollers Group

Table Tennis Group Ballymote

Books 2 Group

Bridge Group

Days Away Group

Nature Group

Science Group

Wine Tasting (Zoom) Group