Nature Group

Group Title: Nature Group
Group Description: We meet once a month and go out into the countryside to see what we can find. There is no need to have any prior knowledge, we all learn together. There are a few keen bird watchers and some novices. Butterflies, damselflies, dragonflies and plants are all of interest. The programme is varied and suggestions always welcome. The only things you need are enthusiasm and stout footwear. We often walk over uneven ground and occasionally have to climb a style. Unfortunately these walks are not really suitable for dogs
Group Leader: Susan Price
Group Status: Vacancies
Venue: Various
Frequency: One Thursday a month
Time is Session: Varies with type of visit
Start Date: All year – weather permitting
End Date:  
Application Date: Not Applicable

Castle Espie


Hope Hubert remembers this is the nature group , not the culinary.  Duck a la orange?


After having to cancel in June we made it to Bunkers Hill in July, some pictures to follow




As you can see a lovely sunny day and a beautiful view

May Dawn chorus, an early start, but a beautiful morning and lots to hear

Dawn chorus May 2022


blue tit                                                                                                                                tree creeper

Thanks Hubert

First outing of the new year, Murlough, we walked along the inner bay, lovely views of brent geese different ducks, red and green shank, lapwing and to cap it all a big flock of golden plover.  The sun on the plover shone and the wheeled round in the sky, beautiful

The happy wanders, after stopping for coffee, still bringing our own, hope to get back to cafes. 

Delemont in November, Cold and dry what more do you want, O we saw birds as well , look really hard there is a female reed bunting


Murlough in September, there was a whooper swan as well, but no picture, if left to me just no pictures, so very grateful to Hubert and Jack for their efforts