Guidance & Support

Guidance & Support:

This is intended to be a quick and easy reference to Downe U3A and U3A Trust Policies and Guidelines and a working tool. It is intended to guide you in situations which any group leader, but particularly new leaders, may encounter running a group.

From time to time changes may be made to the guidance, for example when the Executive Committee makes a change to existing policy. When this happens, the website will be updated and you will be informed that a change has taken place.

It is not intended to cover every situation that might arise. If in doubt you should consult the Group Leader Co-ordinator or any member of the Executive Committee.


1. To safeguard the good name of Downe U3A
2. To be aware of Health & Safety best practices
3. To be aware of Equality & Diversity
4. To ensure as far as possible that your group complies with Downe U3A constitution, Charity Law and other relevant legislation
5. To advise the Group Leader Co-ordinator of details relating to the group activities for inclusion on the monthly events calendar.
6. To up-date the Downe U3A web-site with details of current events, adding photographs and information on recent activities.
7. To advise the Secretary of special events and updates for inclusion in the ‘Stop Press’ notices to members.
8. To be available to talk to members about your particular group
9. To ensure that copies of guidance documents, expenses forms, membership application forms, etc. are available.
10. To keep records of group members’ names and contact details, using the standard form.
11. To ensure that a register of members attending group meetings is
completed and that all registers are returned to the Group Leader Co-ordinator.
12. To appoint a second in command in case of emergency
13. To ensure that non-members are allowed to attend no more than one group activity
14. To ensure Downe U3A guidance regarding financial arrangements are observed:
a. The Executive Committee has total responsibility for ensuring safe custody of member’s money
b. All bank accounts holding U3A funds must be under the full control of the Executive Committee
c. If a group generates income in excess of £50, the excess should be passed to the Treasurer for banking
d. If a group generates income in excess of £50 on a regular basis, a half yearly report will be submitted to the Executive Committee, showing the source of the income and details of outgoings, including monies transferred to the bank account
e. Income relates to monies raised in excess of routine outgoings
f. To be responsible for the safe keeping of any assets allocated to the Group
g. Assets cannot be disposed of without the prior permission of the Trustees
h. Any monies gained from the disposal of assets will be returned to Downe U3A funds Downe U3A Exe