Books 3

Group Title: Books 3
Group Description: We are an informal reading group of wide tastes. We talk a lot about books we have read and enjoyed, and each member is encouraged to suggest books. We tend to avoid new publications which can be expensive and are not always immediately available through libraries. We select one book a month and discuss it at the next meeting. We try to ensure that everyone’s tastes are included while at same time offering the opportunity to read outside our individual preferences. Our discussions are wide-ranging and we often manage to settle several world problems at every meeting.
Group Leader: Rodney Heaney 07793765779
Group Status: Some vacancies
Venue: Garden Café, St Patrick Centre, 53a Market Street, Downpatrick BT30 6LZ
Frequency: Monthly – usually on the first Friday
Duration: 10.30 for about an hour
Start Date: September 2021
End Date: June 2022
Wishing to join in: Applications welcome call Rodney

More information to go here on the group.